Wholehearted Leadership LabTM

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“Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.”-- Deepak Chopra

Wholehearted Leadership LabTM

Wholehearted leadership is a transformational approach to leadership that positively impacts and influences the leader as well as those they serve. It recognizes the individual’s capacity to influence and shape their environment through the power of being and the conscious power of choice.

What is it? The Wholehearted Leadership LabTM is a group coaching experience for both emerging and experienced leaders who desire to become inspired, transformational leaders. It is a unique leadership development program in that it is less about doing and more about the art of being. The Lab cultivates leaders who have the presence and capacity to bring humanity back into the workplace.
Program Structure The Wholehearted Leadership LabTM is an intensive multi-week virtual program that utilizes an online classroom environment as well as live group coaching calls. Participants receive guidance and support from me as well as the added support of a group of like-minded professional who are ready to become inspiring, transformational leaders. As part of the program, participants also have access to the Owning Change Success Consultants who specialize in various disciplines.
The Benefits Foundationally, this is a course on personal mastery and personal change. Using the Owning Change Model of Transformation, participants learn a system that (1) supports their personal growth and (2) simultaneously unlocks the principles of wholehearted leadership which include self-awareness, authenticity, vulnerability, responsibility, empathy, resilience, humility and grace. As a result, participants develop a masterful leadership presence that’s grounded and composed.
Engaged Learning In addition to learning the fundamentals of wholehearted leadership, the Lab provides opportunities for participants to practice the principles and put them in action. The course includes modules that are specifically aimed at assisting leaders with developing their problem solving capabilities through the lens of a wholehearted leader. They are also provided with tools and strategies that will enhance their ability to bring out the brilliance in those on their teams. The course is highly interactive and uses a number of learning methodologies including group coaching, video lessons, group discussions, case studies, coaching tools and assessments. The goal of the course is to not only expose participants to the principles of wholehearted leadership but to provide an engaging experience that will allow them to practice and embody them as well.
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