Is it Time for Personal Liberation in Your Career?
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“People are tired of bringing their exhausted minds to work and leaving their
hearts at home… There has never been a more urgent need for change
and more of the same is not an option.” -- Lance Secretan

Speaking Topics

Go Rogue at Work: Revolutionize Your Life and Career by Being the True You

Your Leadership Revolution: Do What You Came to Do by Being Who You Came to Be

Creating an Inspired Work Environment: Let Mindfulness Lead the Way

Wholehearted Leadership as the Key to Employee Engagement

Unleashing Brilliance: 5 Keys to Becoming an Inspiring Changemaker

Finding Inspiration at Work: It’s All About Where You Look

“Thank you.  You have fostered the beginning of change for our office and it is greatly appreciated.  I think that you have given us the “tools” to grow a brand new “garden”!  Thanks so much.  With much gratitude” — Jinawa A. McNeil

“This workshop we had today was very helpful both personally and professionally.  It’s like you came in here and recharged my batteries.  I can evaluate myself much better by the insight you have provided.  Thank you for helping us build a better working relationship.” – G. Alvarado

Monica speaks for companies, organizations, professional associations, women’s groups and colleges & universities

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