Is it Time for Personal Liberation in Your Career?
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“We attain freedom as we let go of whatever does not reflect our magnificence.
A bird cannot fly high or far with a stone tied to its back. But release the impediment,
and we are free to soar to unprecedented heights."-- Alan Cohen

Jennifer Broadley - orange border“And then somewhere in there is a sweet spot – when the listening and the considering and the processing and the revealing and the agreement and the exposing, and the sharing back and forth … is all flowing from a sacred place. And THAT, precious Monica, is what you are gifted at releasing.” — Jennifer Broadley

Delese Glover“Without question Monica walked me out of a challenging season that left me fatigued and uncertain of my abilities and next steps. She presented me with tools for my job search and applications for personal development.  Her skilled abilities to listen and respond created a safe place for me to dissect the core of my inner desires.  Her thoughtful encouragement caused me to dream again.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a cliché that exemplifies the character of Monica.  She has taken all of her life experiences, stirred them with love, and turned them into lessons that have created a refreshing coaching experience. Her confidence and intuitive sense of being have been seasoned with wisdom, compassion, and strength.  This combination, coupled with her bright personality, afforded her the ability to tailor my coaching experience.

Without question, I am now more confident in my job search strategies, as well as in my personal and spiritual pursuits.  My positive changes have been evident and validated not only within myself but also among my family and colleagues.” — Delese Glover

Alexis Hall“Owning Change has completely transformed my life in ways that I could not have possibly imagined from the beginning. During my first session with Monica, I was at a complete lost for what I wanted my career path to look like. I was interested in everything, yet nothing at all. I was certain that Monica would not be able to help me figure this out. Let me tell you now — do not ever doubt Monica! She’s truly magic! Through her customized personal assessments, we were able to uncover the path that I actually feel is truly meant for me. Owning Change is much more than just career coaching. Monica’s coaching truly affects all aspects of your life and everything get’s better with each session. I’m truly thankful for Owning Change and what Monica’s guidance has done for me.” — Alexis Hall

Krista Ivanova - orange border“It has been 9 months since I completed your coaching program and It was a transforming and thought-provoking experience that still inspires me daily. My experience encouraged me to believe that I can. It inspired me to think about my work in a way that I have never done before. It made me see my work as part of me rather than a commitment I make to an organization which is very valuable as it motivated me to work and perform better.

I am most grateful that the program allowed me to strengthen my leadership knowledge and that on its hand assisted me in changing my personal life for the better. The program was a very structured, stimulating and inspiring process with ample opportunity to think, interpret and act not only as a leader, but also as a individual who loves their work environment and team.” — Krista Ivanova

Rebecca Graham - Orange Border“When I stumbled across Monica’s profile, I was in search of something – guidance, motivation, passion. Seeing her experiences, her zeal for leadership and her desire to share that enthusiasm with others, I knew quickly that I wanted to reach out to her for insight. Her profile was bursting with encouragement and passion for her job that I so badly wanted for myself. Little did I know that, inviting to connect on LinkedIn would turn out to be the main catalyst for stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue a new job. Monica was so refreshing in her delivery of suggestions and gave me an insightful glimpse into being a passionate and professional woman. She was pointed and specific in her suggestions for my career search and provided excellent advice that helped me land an excellent job in my favorite city in the world. I would not have taken this leap of faith had it not been for Monica’s assistance and passion for seeing others succeed.” — Rebecca Graham

Moira“I worked with Monica to help me shift towards a new career path. I had not been on the job market in decades. She brought me up to speed on current standards for my resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn. But more importantly, she went above and beyond by supporting me with her positive outlook, belief in my gifts, and calm confidence in the process. When I experienced rejection or disappointment, Monica reminded me that my value as a human being is not dependent on anyone else’s “yes” or “no.” She offered loving reminders to trust in myself and my abilities. If I compared myself to others (and came up short) Monica helped me see the specific experiences and talents that I bring to the table that would complement a diverse team. She helped me grow in confidence and determination and to put myself out there in creative and brave ways. I am so grateful to have had Monica by my side during this challenging and rewarding process!” — Moira Monroe

Tracy“Monica’s compassion wraps around you like a warm blanket. Working with her was such a pleasure and a honor. Monica is solely focused on me as a client and I can honestly say I have never received this type of support before.  Through her supportive guidance and encouraging approach, we dug deep into all of the goals I have.  I felt safe working with Monica and laying out all of my fears, uncovering areas where I was stuck, and finally arriving to a clear understanding of what my life’s work should look like. Monica was my champion throughout our coaching sessions and beyond. I would encourage anyone needing guidance and support in reaching a life goal to work with Monica. She’s truly magical and tremendously gifted.  Monica thank you so much for everything.” — Tracy

“If you are looking for an intuitive, attentive, committed, and talented life and career coach, you need look no further than Monica Moody. Monica has helped me restore balance, creativity, and a sense of purpose to my daily life and has helped me identify and take concrete actions that have enhanced my career and lifestyle. She is immensely encouraging and supportive while also holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself. She has a gift for listening to clients and identifying common threads that run through their conversations and life histories. She is a wealth of resources, has read a million books, offers a warm, open, and flexible presence, and is extraordinarily wise.” — Stephanie Neitzel 

ulisa“Monica has the uncanny ability to help you learn the lesson you need to learn in order to navigate through life’s ups and downs, in ALL types of situations be it professional or personal. She consciously listens and then gently guides you to uncover a perspective that is healthy and whole. A perspective perhaps that you already knew but just needed help and guidance to get there. This is what she has done for me. When people would speak of personal life coaches, I never used to be a believer, until Monica. She has been a beacon of light in the worst of times and a champion in the best.” — Ulisa Bowles 


 Sampling of Feedback from Corporate Clients

“Recently, as president of MVSU, I had the opportunity to work with Monica as she led a 3-day teambuilding workshop for the executive cabinet, deans, directors and department chairs at The Valley. She was prepared, engaging, adaptable and led the 3-day training in a masterful manner. The assessment of the workshop and herself by The Valley Team clearly identified and detailed how much they enjoyed the training & the facilitator, learned a great deal, and wanted more! Monica Moody has the background, experience and passion necessary to hold and keep the attention of large groups, and she embraces and encourages healthy conflict in a teambuilding environment. She doesn’t allow or permit excuses and she is tenacious about getting the group to see that they OWN their behaviors and have the ability to CHANGE themselves and the organization. There are a number of trainers who do a good job of teambuilding. However, for those who lead large, hierarchical organizations, I would encourage you to get a great facilitator and engage the services of Monica Moody & Owning Change. We certainly will again.” — William Bynum, President, Mississippi Valley State University

“Monica Moody, in one word, “phenomenal!” Our organization experienced a great deal of change that was unwelcomed by a significant number of the students we served. Although we were successful in managing the change, we undoubtedly were impacted not only as a team, but individually as well. Accordingly, we were in need of resolution and reigniting to continue our work without a disruption in service delivery. A few months prior, Monica engaged with us about wholehearted leadership in the workplace, and her presentation was amazing. As we pondered about how we could begin to move forward, collectively, we agreed that we needed Monica’s assistance. The process of healing is deeply embedded within her practice, and her facilitation was exactly what we needed to move beyond our challenge and set us on a course for renewal. Monica’s utility of research based theory, as well as personal narrative through her experience creates a learning exchange whereby empowerment, ownership and success become normalized. We are grateful and appreciative of Monica Moody’s professionalism, expertise and wisdom.” — Stephanie Helms-Pickett, Director of the Women’s Center, Duke University


“I would like to give the largest possible endorsement to Monica Moody and Owning Change. As the director of an organization with 19 FTE working in several locations, it has been difficult for our various programs to step outside of a crisis mentality to find a shared sense of purpose and an appreciation that we are counting upon each other. In the space of a four hour period, Monica guided us through conversation and exercises to a place where as one participant wrote: “We all have similar feelings about our work no matter what our position.” And that Monica provided the “Chance to sit with other staff & talk about not just mechanics of how to do our job, but how do we connect and stay energized.” Other comments included: “Monica was a wonderful communicator – great mix of knowledgeable & professional yet down to earth and easy to be open with.” And ““What a tremendous blessing! I think you accomplished a LOT in time allotted. Pleeeeaase come back for follow up.” From my perspective, if you are looking for someone to work with your staff, your board, or your broader organization, one should look no further than Owning Change.” — Michael Reinke, Executive Director Inter-Faith Council for Social Service