Foundation and Philosophy

Is it Time for Personal Liberation in Your Career?
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“A miracle is the pause in which you begin to question.” – Tara Singh

Creating a New Story About Work


Who do we serve?

This work is for frontline professionals and emerging leaders who feel like they've had to shapeshift in order to achieve success and they are ready to build powerful careers that feel authentic, sustainable and aligned. They are individuals who have achieved outer success but inwardly, they are in search of "something more". Organizationally, it’s for small businesses and start up organizations that are agile enough to more readily create the types of progressive, human friendly and transformative work cultures that will usher in the new story of about work.

Guiding Tenets/Principles

For the individual:

What’s inside is reflected outside.

We can shape our experiences by cultivating an inner landscape that supports our goals and desires.

We are all intuitive beings with and internal guidance system that can help us to successfully navigate the world that we live in.

Our emotions are the gift that help us to know when we are aligned with our true self.

There are different ways of knowing beyond the collection of data and metrics. Relatedly, the good that we seek to be and experience cannot always be measured.

Workplace transformation happens through personal change as we each learn to own and embody the change that we wish to see.

For organizations:

Those businesses that recognize the value in nurturing the whole person within their organizations will reap the benefits of employing a workforce that will catapult their growth through their increased performance, productivity, dedication and loyalty.

Those organizations that establish themselves as wholehearted, human friendly organizations will attract stellar talent and be equipped to navigate the current changing terrain to become successful beacons for the future of work.

Owning Change Model for Transformation

The Owning Change Model for Transformation is the inner technology used to help individuals to positively shift their experiences in their career.

The model includes three phases, “Reconnect, Reframe and Recommit”. Each phase uses specific power tools to help individuals to access their ability to positively recreate their experiences with work.

As a by-product, the model unlocks essential qualities including self-awareness, authenticity, vulnerability, responsibility, empathy, resilience, humility and grace.

As a result of using the Owning Change Model for Transformation and the associated tools, individuals report experiencing a greater sense of ease and flow as they navigate their careers.

The model is used in all elements of our work, from one on one coaching to leadership development.