Is it Time for Personal Liberation in Your Career?
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Guided by Grace

My commitment to workplace transformation started with the initial stages of my own personal transformation. Through a series of personal challenges that happened over a span of several years, I learned how to find my way back to my true self and life became very different for me.

I learned how to finally access the freedom, peace, happiness and joy that had felt so elusive before. My relationships shifted. I learned how to experience flow. I became more peaceful and composed. And life generally, became much sweeter.

The first experience was a mysterious illness that took me off of my feet for several months and left me in recuperation mode for about one full year. The second was a back injury that was exacerbated by a fall down the stairs. Once again, I was confined to bed for a period of about 3 months with no choice but to go within. The third and final challenge resulted in 2011 when my husband and I both quit our jobs to pursue the work that we felt called to do and soon thereafter experienced the sting of defeat.

During each of these times, I documented my experiences and the learning and revelations that took place as I evolved. What resulted, then, was the unfolding of a system that I realized I’d used to support my own personal transformation.

Each challenge seemed to highlight a particular phase of the model. The first phase, Reconnect, is about remembering who we are. The second, Reframe, is about learning to manage our mindset and choosing how we will respond to life. And the final phase, Recommit, is about embodying resilience and grace.

Since the system has emerged, I’ve developed an associated curriculum that teaches the principles that are specific to each of the phases. It includes tools and experiential exercises that help individuals to launch their own personal transformation.

Part of the discovery process for me, as the model was emerging, was the realization that the place where it was most needed is within the world of work. The place where so much misery exists.

It has been several years since the inspiration to do this work first landed on me and I have been fascinated by it ever since. It’s now my life’s mission and my life’s work. I cultivate workplace transformation by leading individuals and leaders through personal change. It’s a way of shifting to a new story of work by working from the inside out.

This work feels like the greatest gift to me. The new story is unfolding whether we choose to get on board or not. But I feel quite fortunate to be sort of an unofficial pioneer and spokesperson to help pave the way. And it’s very personal, this new way of being in our work, i.e. being fully expressed. I am challenged to live it and to walk in it too. And doing so has literally changed who I am and how I show up on the planet. It’s all a beautiful gift.

Empowering Transformation

Monica Moody is a Certified Career Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with 15+ years of experience in administration, personal development and coaching. She helps individuals create lives that are aligned with their highest values and works with organizations to help them to tap into the inner brilliance of their teams.

Monica has counseled and coached individuals from all walks of life and helped them to create purposeful paths that truly honor their innate gifts. Choosing to lead with compassion and empathy, Monica is gifted with an ability to gently guide others past self-defeating, limiting behaviors and towards realizing their highest potential.

As the Founder of Owning Change, Monica helps individuals and teams to own their experiences with work by offering programs that emphasize personal mastery and personal change. Monica believes that, by reclaiming our humanity and intentionally cultivating qualities such as self-awareness, authenticity, vulnerability, compassion and grace, we can improve employee engagement levels and create a powerful new story about work.

Monica has successfully worked with organizations as diverse as Cox Automotive, Duke University, CarePlus Health Plans, Inter-Faith Council for Social Service, Spelman College, Mercy Housing and the Friends Committee on National Legislation. And her work as an entrepreneur has led to features in a number of media outlets including Ebony and Southern Living Magazines, PBS’ “Real Moms, Real Savvy” and the “Rachael Ray Show”.

An Atlanta native, Monica received her B.A. in Mathematics from Wesleyan University, her M.A. in History from Clark Atlanta University, her coaching certification from the Life Purpose Institute in California and is currently training to become a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.