It's time for a new
story about work.

Owning Change is committed to helping you create an extraordinary life and career from the inside out.

Is it Time for Personal Liberation in Your Career?
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“To have a firm persuasion, to set out boldly in our work, is to make a pilgrimage of our labors, to understand that the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done,
but who we have become while accomplishing the task.”-- David Whyte


Are you searching for something more in your career?

If you want to experience a radical shift in your professional life, then the work begins with you.
Our coaching and training programs place you at the center of your own powerful story
where you have complete authorship over the script. The old story is about suppressing the best parts of who you are in order to fit into the corporate world which can cause a feeling of overwhelm, frustration and depletion. The new story is about reclaiming your soul and approaching your career in a way that is aligned with the “true you”.

We provide a holistic container of support that allows you to redesign your career in a powerful way.
If you’re having a hard time imagining another 10, 20, 30+ years of more of than same,
then let’s start rewriting your story of work today.

Whether you are leading yourself or a team, our services will help you tap into greater fulfillment and authentic success
and help you become the inspiring changemaker you aim to be.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together

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Delese Glover

Her thoughtful encouragement caused me to dream again.

“Monica walked me out of a challenging season that left me fatigued and uncertain of my abilities and next steps. Her thoughtful encouragement caused me to dream again.

Without question, I am now more confident in my job search strategies, as well as in my personal and spiritual pursuits.  My positive changes have been evident and validated not only within myself but also among my family and colleagues.” — Delese Glover


Alexis Hall

She’s truly magic!

“During my first session with Monica, I was at a complete lost for what I wanted my career path to look like. I was interested in everything, yet nothing at all. I was certain that Monica would not be able to help me figure this out. Let me tell you now, do not ever doubt Monica! She’s truly magic!” — Alexis Hall


Krista Ivanova - orange border

My experience encouraged me to believe that I can.

“Monica’s Emerging Leaders program was a transforming and thought-provoking experience that still inspires me daily. My experience encouraged me to believe that I can. It inspired me to think about my work in a way that I have never done before. It made me see my work as part of me rather than a commitment I make to an organization which is very valuable as it motivated me to work and perform better.”Krista Ivanova


Rebecca Graham - Orange Border

Excellent advice that helped me land an excellent job.

“Monica was so refreshing in her delivery of suggestions and gave me an insightful glimpse into being a passionate and professional woman. She was pointed and specific in her suggestions for my career search and provided excellent advice that helped me land an excellent job in my favorite city in the world.

I would not have taken this leap of faith had it not been for Monica’s assistance and passion for seeing others succeed.”Rebecca Graham



Monica helped me see the specific experiences and talents that I bring to the table.

“I worked with Monica to help me shift towards a new career path. She offered loving reminders to trust in myself and my abilities. If I compared myself to others (and came up short) Monica helped me see the specific experiences and talents that I bring to the table that would complement a diverse team. She helped me grow in confidence and determination and to put myself out there in creative and brave ways.” — Moira Monroe



I have never received this type of support before.

“Monica is solely focused on me as a client and I can honestly say I have never received this type of support before. I felt safe working with Monica and laying out all of my fears, uncovering areas where I was stuck, and finally arriving to a clear understanding of what my life’s work should look like. I would encourage anyone needing guidance and support in reaching a life goal to work with Monica. She’s truly magical and tremendously gifted.” —Tracy


Look no further than Monica Moody.

“If you are looking for an intuitive, attentive, committed, and talented life and career coach, you need look no further than Monica Moody. Monica has helped me restore balance, creativity, and a sense of purpose to my daily life and has helped me identify and take concrete actions that have enhanced my career and lifestyle. She is immensely encouraging and supportive while also holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself.”Stephanie Neitzel 



I never used to be a believer, until Monica.

“Monica has the uncanny ability to help you learn the lesson you need to learn in order to navigate through life’s ups and downs, in ALL types of situations be it professional or personal. She consciously listens and then gently guides you to uncover a perspective that is healthy and whole. When people would speak of personal life coaches, I never used to be a believer, until Monica.” — Ulisa Bowles



And then somewhere in there is a sweet spot.

Jennifer Broadley - orange border“And then somewhere in there is a sweet spot — when the listening and the considering and the processing and the revealing and the agreement and the exposing, and the sharing back and forth… is all flowing from a sacred place. And THAT, precious Monica, is what you are gifted at releasing.” — Jennifer Broadley