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Coaching, training and support for those who dare to work wholeheartedly.

When we look at our collective quest for personal happiness and fulfillment, work is what I consider the last unchartered frontier. It is, traditionally, the place where we have been willing to accept unparalleled levels of stress, discomfort and misalignment.

But now, as we naturally evolve towards our desires for lives that feel more integrated, purposeful and whole, work is no longer off the table. Many want to explore possibilities for happiness there too.

In order to move towards this space, we have to daringly interrupt the cycle that we’ve found ourselves in and unapologetically own the change that we desire.

The road there can be a most beautiful journey in and of itself and it’s my job to serve as your personal escort. My task is to provide you with both the tools and inspiration that’s needed to step into the newest and most awesome version of yourself, wholeheartedly and authentically, both personally & professionally.

A Wholehearted Approach to Career Transformation

The core of the wholehearted approach is about personal change. It’s about owning and shifting your own personal experiences with work and not placing that responsibility with others. By definition, wholeheartedness relates to one’s ability to be accountable, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, collaborative and connected.

Imagine what it would feel like to reclaim your sense of self and organize your professional life in a way that honors your innate desire to engage with work in a meaningful and sustainable way.

This could include aligning with more purposeful work, launching a job search that feels aligned, restructuring your career, or even pausing to build your professional presence & leadership capacity so that you can serve from a powerful place.

By adopting a wholehearted approach to advancing your career, you will ultimately feel more empowered, more engaged and more fulfilled.

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